Posted on: 3 August 2022
Different roofing materials come with different price tags. Shingles and shakes tend to be some of the least expensive materials. Tile, on the other hand, tends to cost s

Posted on: 25 July 2022
In an ideal world, everyone would keep perfect records of their home's maintenance history. You could check these records to determine the age of critical components such


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Roofing the Day Away Can you imagine hammering away at shingles from dawn until dusk? If this sounds like fun, then you may have a future in the roofing industry. If this does not sound fun at all, then you're going to be someone who calls a roofing company and leave the work to the professionals. There's nothing wrong with that. Roofing is hard and dangerous; it's definitely not for everyone. In fact, we don't climb up on the roof ourselves. We do, however, write about roofing on this blog. We consider that to be a small service we can do for homeowners who are interested in roofing and want to know more.