2 Benefits Of Choosing A Flat Roof Instead Of A Sloped Roof For Your New Commercial Building

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2 Benefits Of Choosing A Flat Roof Instead Of A Sloped Roof For Your New Commercial Building

If you are planning on having a new building constructed for your business, you may be busy working out every detail of the structure. As part of your planning process, you may be trying to decide what roof the building should have. While you may be leaning toward having a sloped metal or shingle roof, you may want to consider having a flat roof as another option. There are a couple of benefits of choosing a flat roof instead of a sloped one for your new commercial building.

1. Flat Roof Leaves You With Usable Space on Top of the Building for Various Types of Equipment or Other Uses

One benefit of choosing to install a flat roof on your new commercial building instead of a sloped one is that it leaves you with usable space on top of the building. With a sloped roof, you would have to find other areas to place the HVAC system or other mechanical equipment. However, with a flat roof, you can have the roofers reinforce the decking to accommodate the equipment. You could even decide to turn a part of the roof into a break area for employees or plan to install a garden spot to entertain clients.

2. Flat Roof Tends to Be More Resistant to Damage Caused by High Winds and Severe Weather Conditions 

Another benefit of having a flat roof on your business's new building instead of opting for a shingles or sloped metal roof is that the flat roof tends to be more resistant to damage caused by inclement weather. Because of the slant of the sloped roof, it is more prone to damage caused by high winds blowing off shingles or metal panels. However, with a flat roof, its horizontal lines mean that the winds will blow right over the structure, making it less likely that the surface will be damaged. And, because a flat roof has a built-in drainage system, you do not have to worry as much about damage caused by rain, snow, or ice.

If you are planning out the design of your new commercial building, consider choosing a flat roof over a sloped one to provide additional usable space for the building's mechanical equipment, HVAC system, or even break area. A flat roof also tends to be more resistant to damage from high winds and severe storms.

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