3 Signs A Flat Roof Has A Water Problem

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3 Signs A Flat Roof Has A Water Problem

Flat roofs protect properties like any other roof. However, the flat nature of these roofs makes them prone to certain problems. Sometimes, you see obvious signs of damage on this kind of roof, such as cracks and holes, or you might have a leak inside your property if the roof isn't sound.

However, flat roofing damage isn't always so obvious. Sometimes, the first indication you get of a problem is a visual change to the roof itself. These changes are often down to the way the roof handles water. Read on to learn more about some common water-related problems.

1. Ponding

Water doesn't drain off a flat roof as naturally as it does on a pitched roof. Typically, flat roofs have a slight pitch and special drainage systems to move water off the surface. So, after it rains, any water on the roof should still drain away. However, if a flat roof has a problem, then water might not have anywhere to go. It might sit on the roof for longer than it should. Pools or puddles of water sit on the surface. This is known as ponding.

Ponding sometimes happens because a roof's drainage system has a blockage or has stopped working correctly. Or, water will collect on the surface if the roof has started to sag. In either case, you should investigate the problem. Ponding water can eventually sink into the roof and down into your property. If enough water builds up, then its weight might also damage the roof itself.

2. Staining

Water that doesn't immediately drain off a flat roof doesn't stay on the surface forever. It might drain away slowly or evaporate. If this water sits on the surface for a long time, then it might leave watermark stains behind especially if it evaporates and dries. So, you might see lighter or darker patches on the surface. These stains are a sign of a ponding problem. So, your roof might need a repair.

3. Plant Growth

If you have vegetation growing on your roof, then you can be pretty sure that it has a water problem. Plants such as mosses, weeds, and lichens only grow on a roof if they have a source of water. You should clear vegetation off a roof quickly. While it is there, it will hold water against the surface, and you need to see the roof to find the water-source problem. If you think that your flat roof might have a water-related problem, then contact flat roofing repair services. They can check your roof and make it sound again.

For more information about making flat roof repairs, reach out to a local contractor. 

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