2 Ways You Can Stop A Leak Until A Roofer Comes

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2 Ways You Can Stop A Leak Until A Roofer Comes

A leaky roof can be a serious problem. If you think you have a leak, you should fix it as soon as possible. You need to call a roofing contractor to make an appointment for them to come and look at your roof and deal with your leak. But they may not be able to get to your house immediately, which means that you are stuck with a leaking roof and the risk of more damage. You can do a few things to stop your roof from leaking until the roofer can get to your house and fix your roof. 


One very easy thing you can do is to get a tarp and secure it to your roof. You should be able to pick up a tarp at any home improvement store, hardware store, or big box department store. When buying a tarp, ensure you get one that is big enough to cover the area. You cover up as much of your roof around the leak as possible because you may not be sure exactly where the water is coming from. It is better to have one that is a bit too large than it is to have one that is too small. The tarp should be secured to your roof with roofing nails, and then the nails should be covered with roofing cement to prevent holes. Make sure that the tarp is flat and tight so that water can't get under it. 

Replace Shingles

If you climb up on your roof and discover that the area you think the leak is coming from is covered in loose shingles, one thing you can do to try and block the leak is to nail those shingles back down. This would be a strictly temporary fix because there is a reason that the shingles were loose in that area, and if they got loose once, they will loosen again. When you nail the shingles down, you should also use some caulk or roofing cement to help hold the shingles down, cover the nails, and seal any cracks in the shingles. 

You should never climb the roof in the rain because it just isn't safe. If you see leaks while it is raining, mark where the water is coming from to check the area out when it isn't raining. Calling a roofing contractor to fix your roof as soon as possible is the best thing you can do. However, you can do a few things to temporarily stop the leak until the roofer can get to your location. 

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