How Metal Roofing Restoration Might Be Done On Your Old Roof

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How Metal Roofing Restoration Might Be Done On Your Old Roof

If you have a detached garage or barn with an old corrugated metal roof, you may wonder if it's time to replace it or if it can be restored. If the roof is leaky and rusty, it may seem like a lost cause, but before you give up on the roof, talk to a metal roofing restoration professional. It might be possible to save your roof so it will last for many more years and save you from a roof replacement. Here's an example of how metal roofing restoration might be done.

Start By Replacing Loose Screws 

All the screws on the roof need to be tight and flat. If your roof is several years old, there are probably many nails loose or missing. The roofers need to go over the entire roof and replace the nails that need it. If your roof has holes, the roofer needs to patch them by adhering a metal patch to seal the hole. The roofer may also seal seams on the roof with seam tape or slide a metal sheet under the gaps where seams meet to make the roof more watertight.

Remove Rust

Places on the roof that have a lot of rust may need to have the rust scraped away. Dealing with rust is an important part of metal roofing restoration or the rust may continue to spread and eat through the roof. After scraping is done, the rusty areas might be treated with a rust converter. This changes the chemical qualities of the rust so it converts into something that is protective rather than harmful to the metal.

Power Wash The Metal

At some stage during the metal roofing restoration, before the coating is applied, the roofer will probably power wash the metal panels. This removes pollution, dust, and grit so the coating can stick well. If places can't be cleaned well, the roofer may apply a primer over the areas to help the coating adhere.

Apply A Coating

The final step in metal roofing restoration is to coat the roof. The coating is usually white so it can reflect the sun too and keep your building cooler. The coating is sprayed on to form a watertight seal on the metal panels that keep the panels from leaking and deteriorating due to weather and sun exposure.

The coating covers screws and seams so the entire roof is fully protected. The roofer might apply two or three coats depending on how much protection you want and your budget.

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