When Is A Roof Replacement Better Than A Reroof?

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When Is A Roof Replacement Better Than A Reroof?

Sometimes, you can restore a damaged roof rather than replace it. For example, you can sometimes use a reroofing process that covers existing tiles with another layer to make your roof sound again.

However, there are times when roof replacement is a better solution. When might you have to choose this option? 

Your Roof Surface Isn't Suitable For a Reroof

While a new layer of tiles or asphalt can add a protective layer to a worn or damaged roof, this isn't always a viable option. Your roof has to be made from suitable materials. It also has to be in a suitable condition.

So, for example, you can't usually successfully reroof metal roofs. If you want to reroof a tiled roof, the tiles need to be in a basically sound condition.

You can't cover roofs with lots of broken, missing, or damaged tiles. The surface needs to have good coverage to take this extra layer. Your roof structure also has to be solid enough to take the weight of an extra set of tiles.

Plus, in some locations, local building codes might restrict when you can reroof. For example, you might not be able to do this if you already have two layers of tiles on your roof.

If you can't reroof, then a replacement roof is a good solution. Your new roof will work more effectively and efficiently.

Your Roof Has Underlying Structural Problems

Reroofing only works if your roof is generally in good condition. This process typically only deals with surface problems.

So, your tiles might be old, worn, and unattractive. They might not be fully waterproof. However, your roof structure needs to be OK. Your roofer doesn't do any structural work during a reroof; they simply cover your old surface.

If you have problems under your roof, then reroofing isn't a good option. These problems will soon affect your new roof and cause some damage.

For example, if your roof's timbers have problems with rot or mold, or if they have some structural damage, then they don't give your roof enough support. In fact, adding a reroof onto a failing structure might increase the chances of the roof failing more seriously.

Here, a roof replacement makes more sense. Your roofer can remove your existing roof and then deal with any underlying problems. Once your structure is sound again, they can install a new roof for you. A replacement will also last longer.

To find out more, contact roof replacement contractors and ask them to take a look at your roof.

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