Signs Of Heat Damage To Your Roof And What To Do About It

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Signs Of Heat Damage To Your Roof And What To Do About It

Most people realize that wet, rainy weather can be hard on shingle roofs. But what you might not realize is that hot, sunny weather can be just as bad. Roofs that are exposed to continuous, unrelenting sun often show signs of premature damage. Here's how to recognize that damage and address it to extend the life of your roofing.

Signs of Sun Damage to Your Roof

The most obvious sign of sun damage to the roof is usually brittle, crunchy shingles. If you look at your roof from the ground, you may notice that some of the shingles are missing corners. Others might appear to be cracked. Check inside your gutters, and you may notice some granules. These have washed off the shingles, likely because the sun has caused the asphalt to lose the stickiness that kept them in place.

Addressing Roof Sun Damage

If you notice sun damage to your roof when the damage is still mild to moderate, you may be able to have your roofer come and replace the most damaged shingles while leaving the rest of the roof in place. They can then coat your roof in a UV-reflecting spray, which will cause some of the sunlight to bounce off the roof rather than being absorbed into it. Think of this as sunscreen for your shingles.

Another step your roofer will likely take is to add insulation to your attic. Better attic insulation can help keep the underside of your roof cooler, which will minimize heat damage. It's not a full solution, but it is a helpful step.

Finally, your roofer may add some additional vents to your roof. Depending on the layout of your roof, they may add a few new soffit vents, or they may add a ridge vent along the roof peak. These vents will allow heat to escape from the attic. This way, even when it is hot outside, your shingles will only get roasted on the outside. Good ventilation can also help prevent heat damage to the interior of your attic.

Sunshine and heat are hard on shingle roofs. If you live in a really sunny area, then you will likely need to have your roof replaced sooner than if you were to live in a more moderate climate. In the meantime, though, a roofer can help address premature sun damage and extend your roof's life.

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