3 Common Roof Repairs

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3 Common Roof Repairs

It's easy to ignore your roof, but if something goes wrong, it can lead to severe water damage inside the home. If you've been ignoring your roof, it's time to act. Get started by checking out these three common roof repairs you may need.

1. Shingle Replacement

The shingles serve as the first line of defense against sun, snow, rain, and wind. However, they may also:

  • Develop cracks and tears
  • Lose granules (often found gathered in the gutters)
  • Become loose
  • Go missing/fly off in a windstorm
  • Bubble or curl

Damaged and missing shingles increase the risk of moisture getting underneath, where it can start attacking the rest of the roof. If the roof is still in good condition except for severely damaged shingles, ask about an overly to cover up the old, damaged shingles with new ones.

2. Flashing Repair and Replacement

Flashing is extra protection where your roof needs it: areas that are more prone to gathering water or experiencing water damage. You may spot flashing:

  • Around the chimney
  • Around vents
  • Along valleys
  • Around skylights
  • Along roof edges
  • Along the side walls and front walls

Normally made from copper, aluminum, or steel, flashing is durable, but wind, wear and tear, and expiation/contraction can cause the flashing to become loose. This allows moisture to sneak by where it starts to damage the roof. Minor damage may be repaired, but severely bent, dented, or rusted flashing should be replaced.

3. Gutter Maintenance and Installation

Many people forget that the gutter system is part of the roof. It helps carry water away from the roof and house, so it won't cause damage and deterioration. For this reason, it's important to keep your gutters clean of debris.

If too much debris gathers, the water just sits in the gutters, which pulls the gutters away from the house. If your gutters do pull away from the house, it exposes the eaves and siding to water damage. A technician can resecure the gutters or replace them if needed. Gutters may also need replacement or repairs if:

  • Some gutters are missing
  • Gutters have holes and gaps
  • Downspouts are missing or damaged
  • Gutters are rusted
  • Gutters are falling off the house
  • Gutters are leaking

Stop neglecting your roof because it could lead to more expensive repairs down the line. A few minor repairs now are worth the low cost. If you would like to know more info, contact a roofing contractor in your area today.

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