2 Signs Of Roofing Damage To Look For After A Hailstorm

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2 Signs Of Roofing Damage To Look For After A Hailstorm

After severe storms went through your area and dumped a ton of rain and hail, you may be concerned about the condition of the roof. Since even small hailstones can cause impact damage, you may be wondering if the shingles were able to withstand them.

If so, there are things that you can look for from the ground to get an idea as to whether your roof sustained damage. While inspecting your roof, look for a couple of the signs discussed below that the shingles did sustain damage that needs the attention of a professional roofer.

1. Dark Spots on the Shingles That Are Sporadically Spread Across the Roof in No Particular Pattern

One sign to look for when trying to determine how well your roof weathered a recent hailstorm can be seen by looking at the surfaces of the shingles. When hail strikes the shingles, it often leaves dark spots that appear widespread across the roof in no particular pattern.

Because of the impact, the granules are often sheered off of the shingles' surfaces, leaving the shiny surface beneath bare. Along with these dark spots, you may also see granules on the ground around the house as well as in the gutters.

2. Large Pieces of Shingles Are Found on the Ground with Areas That Feel Spongy to the Touch

While looking on the ground for granules, another sign you can be on the lookout for is large pieces of shingles on the ground. If you see these shingle pieces, pick them up and press your finger on the surfaces, especially the areas around the edges.

When hailstones hit shingles hard enough to break them off of the roof, they often soften the asphalt material, much like when you use a hammer to tenderize meat. If you find these areas on the shingles, they were most likely broken off by the impact of the hailstones during the storm. 

When a hailstorm rolls through your area, your roof will take the brunt of the damage. This damage is evidenced by dark spots on the shingles that have no particular pattern. You may also find large pieces of shingles on the ground that have areas that feel spongy to the touch where the hailstones struck them and broke them off the roof. Because this type of damage can cause major leaks, have a roofing contractor in your area inspect the damage as soon as possible to see what needs to be done.

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