Roof Rejuvenation Tips

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Roof Rejuvenation Tips

You can rejuvenate a failing roof and extend its lifespan for a short period. The rejuvenation will not make your roof brand new; it can give you time to look for roof replacement funds. Below are some services that can help you rejuvenate a roof.

Clean and Inspect the Roof

Roof cleaning is necessary for multiple reasons. First, clean the roof to get a clear picture of its condition. Stains, debris, and other dirt can easily hide roof defects. Secondly, clean the roof to reduce further deterioration. Biological growth, such as moss and lichen, and windblown debris, such as dirt and tree leaves, trap roof moisture and attract pests, contributing to roof decay.

Secondly, inspect the roof to spot areas that require intervention. A professional contractor should conduct the assessment since they may spot hidden issues that nonprofessionals might miss. For example, professional roofers have the equipment to spot hidden roof damage.

Seal the Roof

Moisture penetration or roof leaks are some of the worst threats to aging roofs. The problem arises because roof sealants dry, peel off, or crack over time. Thus, roof sealing is critical for roof rejuvenation. The choice and application of caulk or sealants depend on the roofing materials and deterioration.

At the very least, however, you must caulk around roof vents, flashing, and other roof penetrations. For flat roofs, sealing the entire roofing surface is a good idea. You may also need to caulk around exposed nails, especially if you can't replace or drive them in.

Replace Missing Parts

If your roof is truly old, it might have missing parts or materials you have not replaced over the years. Some might not represent catastrophic damage, but you must replace them to prolong your roof's usefulness. Examples include missing shingles, gutter sections, flashing, and nails.

Fasten Loose Parts

The roof comprises parts that work together to provide a continuous and protective house covering. Accidental damage, wear and tear, and even weather elements might loosen some connections over time. For example:

  • Nails might loosen
  • Gutter hangers might loosen
  • Shingles might lift off the roof
  • Flashing might peel off the roof

The loose parts increase the risk of weather damage, material loss, and roof leaks. Fasten those parts to reduce such risks.

As you can see, you can do a lot to retain your aging or failing roof for some time. Contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and determine what they can do to prolong its useful lifetime.

For more information about exterior house renovation projects, contact a local professional. 

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