How to Choose the Right Residential Roofing

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How to Choose the Right Residential Roofing

If you're remodeling your house, you might be wondering what type of roofing would be the most suitable for your home. Common choices in residential roofing include asphalt shingles, metal, clay tiles, concrete tiles, slate, rubber shingles, plastic tiles, and solar shingles. If your home has a flat roof, you may want to compare plastic and rubber membranes. Here are some tips for choosing the right roofing for your home.

Check the Slant of Your Roof

A typical roof with an average slope can use about any type of roofing. If your home has a very steep roof or a nearly flat roof, talk to a roofing contractor about your options. Flat roofs often use membrane roofing where the seams are sealed so water can't roll under the roofing.

Think About Your Local Weather Conditions

If you live in a dry area where fires are a possibility, you'll want a roof with a high fire rating, such as metal. If you live where hailstorms are common, you'll want a roof with a high impact rating. If you live where tropical storms are possible, choosing a roof with a high wind rating is a good idea.

Even if you want asphalt shingle roofing, you can get high-quality roofing that rates high for impacts, wind, and fire if you buy high-grade asphalt shingles.

Think About Cost

Cost will probably be an important factor in your residential roofing replacement decision. Asphalt shingle roofs are the most affordable, and there is a huge price difference between a low-grade asphalt shingle roof and luxury roofing, such as copper.

However, don't just consider the upfront cost. Also factor in the expected lifespan and the amount of money you may need to spend on repairs. It could be a better use of your money over the long term to buy high-quality roofing.

Look At Your Neighbor's Roofs

If you live in a subdivision with neighbors close by, you may want roofing that blends in with many of the other roofs in your neighborhood. If everyone else has asphalt shingles, a clay tile roof might look odd and affect the selling price of your home in the future. Your HOA may even control what type of roof you have put on, so you'll want to check with them before making your roofing decision.

A residential roofing contractor can offer experienced advice on the right type of roof for your home considering your budget and the look you like best. Some types of roofing can be made to look like more expensive options such as rubber slate tiles that look like real slate, but they are made of less costly materials and may even need less care.

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