3 Things That Won't Stress You Out When You Call A Roofing Contractor To Inspect Your Roof

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3 Things That Won't Stress You Out When You Call A Roofing Contractor To Inspect Your Roof

You need your roof to be snug throughout the wet, snowy, hot, and windy months of each year. But to achieve this, it needs to always be in excellent condition. Even if you think there's nothing wrong with it, you should have a professional roofing contractor inspect it often, especially if you live in an area with extreme climatic conditions. These professionals are skilled in identifying potential problems and can make the necessary repairs to maintain your roof's functionality. Here are three things you won't worry about when you call them to examine your roof.

Missing Shingles

Your roof's shingles may be torn off by high winds, or they may fall off due to age and disrepair. If you notice any missing shingles, you should immediately call a contractor. While this issue may not seem like a big deal, it may lead to serious problems such as leaks, drafts, and energy loss. They may also leave your roof vulnerable to further damage from the elements. A professional can inspect your roof's condition and take the appropriate measures to fix it. If the shingles are cracked, missing, curling, or damaged, they'll replace them and make sure your roof is as good as new.

Wet Spots on the Ceiling

If your ceiling has darker patches, it could result from a leak. Water stains occur due to condensation and can affect your ceiling's aesthetics or even cause damage to the underlying structures below your roof. While you should have the spots inspected to ensure there isn't any structural damage, they're typically an easy fix for a roofing contractor. These professionals will use tools such as infrared moisture detectors to find the source of the leak and make the necessary repairs. If you have water damage, they can tell you whether or not your insurance can cover the repairs.

Shingle Granules in the Gutters

If you notice your gutters are collecting an abnormal amount of black sand-like material, it's likely due to shingle granules. Shingles are made of a mineral-based core covered with asphalt and ceramic coating. Over time, the top layer of asphalt may wear away, exposing the core and leaving your roof vulnerable to the sun's ultraviolet rays. A roofer can examine your gutters and make recommendations to prevent further granule loss. This may be through the installation of a leaf guard or other gutter protection system. They may also recommend that you have your shingles sealed or replaced.

Inspections are necessary if you want to ensure the longevity of your roof and have peace of mind. Luckily, a contractor can examine your roof's condition and let you know what needs to be done to fix any issues before they get out of hand. Reach out to a local company, such as Living Hope Roofing, to learn more.

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