Is Tile Roofing Worth The Investment?

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Is Tile Roofing Worth The Investment?

Different roofing materials come with different price tags. Shingles and shakes tend to be some of the least expensive materials. Tile, on the other hand, tends to cost significantly more than other roof materials. When you first see the price tag, you may wonder whether tile roofing is really worth it. Of course, tile is not perfect for every home, but it does offer some benefits that make its price make more sense.

Tile Lasts a Long Time

Tile roofing lasts about 100 years. In other words, your tile roof will last longer than you do. Compare this to a shingle roof, which typically lasts between 15 and 40 years. Even standing seam metal roofs last between 30 and 50 years. So, while you do need to pay more for a tile roof, doing so will ensure that you never have to put a roof on your home again — assuming you don't move. Beyond that, it may give you peace of mind to know that your roof will be around for a long time.

Tile Is Very Water-Resistant

Tile itself is a very water-resistant roof material. However, it is also installed over a waterproof barrier. If water does seep beneath the tile, this waterproof barrier will serve as an extra layer of protection against moisture infiltration. This is really helpful during hurricane season, especially. If your tile breaks, the waterproof barrier should give you enough protection to ride out the rest of the storm. This water protection can protect your home from mold growth and additional indoor water damage.

Tile Is Insulating

Insulation helps protect a home from heat during the summer, and from cold during the winter. Most homes do have insulation in the attic, but some extra insulation is always nice. Tile roofing can provide that extra layer of insulation. Tile will keep too much heat from entering your attic during the summer. And in the winter, it will help keep too much heat from leaving your home. This will translate to lower heating and cooling bills all year long.

If you need a new roof on your home, make sure you consider multiple material options. Tile does come at a higher price than other roofing materials, but there are good reasons for this. If you want a roof that's going to last a long time, truly protect your home from water, and provide some additional insulation, then tile may be your optimal choice. 

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