Maintaining Your Roof: 4 Key Tasks You Should Perform Every Summer

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Maintaining Your Roof: 4 Key Tasks You Should Perform Every Summer

During the summer, most people tend to ignore roof maintenance because they don't have to deal with frequent rains. However, you should know that some places receive summer storms, and ensuring your roof can handle such inclement weather is crucial. One of the simple actions you should take is to clean any debris in your downspout and gutter. Here are more things you should consider checking during summertime.

Inspect for The Growth of Mold or Algae

If your area has recently experienced a summer storm, ensure that you call a roofing company to inspect for the build-up of algae and mold. You can also do it yourself by visually inspecting your roof. In addition to your roof, mold and algae can also form on the gutters. If not addressed on time, the algae on your roof can cause cracking or curling of the shingles. When this happens, you'll have to deal with water damage in your home.

Ensure That You Trim Trees Closer to Your House 

Trees and shrubs can improve the overall look of your outdoors. However, they may end up causing significant damage to your roof if not well maintained. During summer, you should ensure that you trim the branches hanging closer to the roof. If you fail to do this, the branches may fall on the roof after a summer storm, resulting in shingles or gutter damage.

Inspect The Condition of Your Attic

In the summer, your roof will absorb a lot of heat, especially if your home has metal roofing. Most of the heat from your roof will radiate into the attic. So, if it has poor ventilation, the excessive heat build-up will cause your roofing shingles to crack, causing your roof to leak. An experienced technician can inspect whether the attic has proper ventilation. They'll also insulate it to prevent excessive heat in this section. If they notice a musty smell, they'll try to check for the signs of mold and damage to your roof.

Check The Condition of Your Ventilation

Ventilation plays a critical role in ensuring your roof remains in great shape. But before doing this, take a close look at how much you spend on your electric bill. If you notice significant changes beyond the normal range, it indicates issues with your ventilation. A roofing expert can help you inspect for signs of ventilation problems and fix them to prevent significant roof damage down the road. Among the things they'll check is damage to the deteriorating or faulty metal stripping around the chimney.

Your roof is responsible for keeping your home safe against inclement weather. So, during the summer, ensure that you watch out for the few things highlighted in this guide.

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