Types Of Residential Flat Roofs To Choose From

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Types Of Residential Flat Roofs To Choose From

Flat roofs are a type of roof that is used in a broad variety of buildings, but they can be used in the construction of residential homes as well. This is more common in dry and hot climates, but a flat roof can be used for a home in any climate as long as it's designed properly.

Built-Up Roofs

If you will be installing a flat roof on your home, there are three types of flat roofs to choose from. The least expensive option to choose from is the build-up roof. This type of roof consists of a waterproof membrane, a layer of insulation, and a roofing membrane. It's a type of roof that is very likely to leak. Fortunately, the leaks can also be repaired more easily than with sloped roofs.

Single Ply Membranes 

If you would like you would like to have the fewest hassles possible with your installed roof, another option is the single-ply membrane. This is made out of a single layer of material made out of polymer. This type of roof is able to handle very extreme weather conditions. Therefore, if you badly want a flat roof but you live in a cold and snowy region, a single-ply roof might be a better option.

Membrane Roofs

The most common type of flat roof used for homes is the membrane roof. This is a membrane that is stretched over decking that supports the membrane. It's important to install professional-grade membranes because these are less likely to fail than low-quality ones.

Advantages of Residential Flat Roofs

A flat roof can be very useful to a homeowner because you will be able to walk onto the roof and use the space. For example, you might want to sit on the top of your roof to enjoy a nice sunny day. Even though flat roofs are less often used in cold climates, they do make it less expensive to insulate your home. 

The good news about a flat roof is that it's less expensive to install and it can be installed more quickly. Therefore, it's easier to change the design of your roof in the future. You can also more easily go up on a flat roof and repair it when it becomes damaged. Therefore, even if you are building a residential home, you might want to consider contacting a flat roof installation contractor.

To learn more about flat roof installations, contact a roofer near you.  

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