Why Power Washing Your Roof Is Bad — And Better Alternatives

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Why Power Washing Your Roof Is Bad — And Better Alternatives

Roofs get dirty; it's just a fact of life. Tree debris falls on them, and they may also become caked with road grime and other dirt. If your roof looks dirty, your first instinct may be to power wash it like you would power wash your siding or sidewalk. However, this is not a wise choice. Keep reading to learn why power washing your roof is a bad idea and what you should do instead.

The Problem With Power Washing

The water that comes out of a power washer comes out with a lot of force. It's more than enough force to knock the granules off your shingles. Those granules are there for a reason. They help water drain off of the shingles, thereby protecting the shingles and preventing leaks. If you power wash the roof and damage the granules in the process, your roof will deteriorate sooner — and it may require repairs or replacement before long.

Better Ways to Clean Your Roof

It's best to hire a roofing company to come and clean your roof. They have long hoses they can use to reach all parts of the roof. They also have special cleaning solutions that will loosen and remove grime without disturbing the granules. Plus, most roofing companies will clean your gutters after they clean the roof. This is important since clear gutters limit the roof's exposure to water.

After your roof company cleans your roof, they may apply a special product that keeps algae and moss from growing. These life forms are a common cause of staining and streaking on the roof, and preventing them from growing is easier than cleaning them up.

Finally, your roofer may add some zinc strips near the peak of your roof. Each time it rains, some of the rainwater will rinse some zinc ions down from the strips. This zinc will keep algae and moss from growing. This approach is usually used when a roof is shaded by a tree or in moist environments. It's not usually necessary in hotter, dry climates.

If your roof is looking dirty or streaky, do not pick up your power washer. This approach will often do more harm than good. Instead, contact a roofing company and arrange to have them wash your roof gently. Other add-on roof services like algae protection and gutter cleaning can help keep your roof clean in the long term, too.

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