What Material Should You Use For Your Flat Roof?

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What Material Should You Use For Your Flat Roof?

Do you have a roof that is flat and needs to be replaced? If so, it will help to know what materials you can pick from that are best for a flat roof. Here are three different materials you should consider. 


One thing you do not have to worry about with a metal roof is the look of the material. That is because this metal material is going to look beautiful on a roof, which makes it perfect for a building that has sloped and flat surfaces. The entire roof will look unified no matter where you are looking at it from, and the roof will stand out in a great way. You will find that a metal roof is going to get the longest lifespan out of all the mentioned materials, which makes it a great choice for anyone that is not looking to sell their building any time soon.


PVC and TPO roofing materials are incredibly similar in terms of looks, installation, and lifespan, which is why they are often lumped together when making comparisons. The color of the materials is white, so it tends to perform well with reflecting heat from the sun. The white material also causes the material to stain easier, which makes it not ideal if you can see the roof from a window. That said, you may not care about the color and be more concerned about the cooler temperature it can provide for your home or office. 


EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, and it is a roofing material that works for both residential and commercial roofs. The material is black so it is known to absorb heat, it can make the inside of the building underneath the roof a bit hotter than other roofing materials. However, that black color means that it will not show stains and other signs of wear and tear, which makes it a good choice for parts of a flat roof that are visible. EPDM roofing material is known for being quite durable. The material is impact resistant, so it will hold up well to hail damage 

Still not sure which material is best for your roof? Reach out to a roofing contractor in your area that specializes in flat roofs. They will be able to guide you through your options and help you narrow down a material based on your needs and budget.

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