3 Reasons To Consider A No-Money-Down Roofer

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3 Reasons To Consider A No-Money-Down Roofer

Home repairs never seem to have the decency to wait for the right moment to strike. Expensive jobs like roof replacements can come at inconvenient times, and a repair that may cost thousands of dollars is rarely an easy pill to swallow. Unfortunately, the high cost of roof replacement might mean that you need to put off this critical repair.

If you're thinking about saving your pennies to afford that roof replacement, there may be a better option. These three reasons might convince you that working with a no-money-down roofer to get the job done now is better than delaying for months or years.

1. Protect Your Decking

A residential roof consists of numerous individual components. The lowest level of your roof is the decking. On most homes, these decking boards are plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). While these materials are durable, they aren't waterproof. If you've ever left a piece of plywood in the rain, you know that it can quickly warp, rot, and fall apart.

Fortunately, the rest of your roof is there to protect your decking. Unfortunately, failing shingles and underlayment can expose your decking to water and significant damage. Waiting too long can drastically increase your roof replacement cost by leaving you with a rotted-out deck that may require repair or replacement.

2. Prevent Water Damage

Roofing failures can be unpredictable. Roofing systems use multiple layers to help protect your home from water infiltration, but water doesn't always enter your home in huge torrents. Instead, damaged shingles or failing underlayment may keep your home mostly dry but allow water inside under severe weather conditions.

It's hard to predict when or how these leaks will occur, and waiting until you have enough money on hand for a roof replacement can risk substantial interior water damage. Hiring a roofer that can provide you with an affordable monthly payment without any cash down will let you get the job done now, saving you from the long-term problems that water infiltration may cause.

3. Avoid Nickel & Dime Repairs

Maintaining an old roof is a lot like maintaining an old car. You might save some money upfront by keeping your old clunker, but you'll pay more over the long run in minor repairs. If your roof is at the end of its lifespan, you may constantly deal with small leaks and many other issues. These relatively minor costs can quickly add up.

Nickel and dime repairs of this variety can eat into your savings, pushing your replacement further into the future and ultimately costing you more money. Hiring a roofer to get the job done right away allows you to avoid these expenses and instead pay a more affordable and predictable monthly cost.

Contact a local no-money-down roofer to learn how to get started.

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