Benefits of PVC Roofing for Recreational Vehicles

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Benefits of PVC Roofing for Recreational Vehicles

There are several options for full-time recreational vehicles. This range from fifth-wheel vehicles to tiny homes and campers. When you are planning to live in a recreational vehicle for the majority of the year or full time, then you may be considering repairs and upgrades. One area that sees a fair amount of upgrades and replacements deals with roofing. If you are considering having the roof of your recreational vehicle upgraded, you may want to consider PVC roofing. Here are some of the benefits of this material. 


There is a misconception that PVC roofing is simply plastic roofing. This means that people may believe it is thin or not durable enough to withstand as a full-time housing roofing option. The truth is, PVC has a high durability rating. One of the leading areas of the material for durability is how the seams are connected. With most materials, the seams are placed together with a roofing adhesive. With PVC the seams are seamless. This is due to the heat welding process used to connect the pieces. This makes the PVC roof a viable option for durability due to not having seams that can come apart and leak if the adhesive fails. 

UV and Heat Protection

An issue for many people living in recreational vehicles is maintaining the internal temperature throughout the year. An aspect that can cause your energy costs and temperature to rise quickly is how the sun and UV rays are processed once they hit the roofing material. A PVC roof reflective properties and coatings. This means that the sun's rays are reflected out and away from the vehicle. This reduces the possible heat that could enter your living area and cause extreme temperature changes within the home. It also offers UV protection to your home and you during extreme weather conditions. 

Low Sloping Benefits

If you have a low slope to your roofline, then PVC materials should be ideal. They are rated to be ideal for low slopes and can maintain their integrity when placed in these conditions. The low slope is generally used for rain runoff and can take a toll on other roofing materials. The PVC can handle the placement as well as the pressure from the different elements that may come in contact and roll off the PVC based on the irrigation and water runoff plan you have. 

When you are ready to have your vehicle inspected for PVC roofing installation, contact local roofing services like Diamond Roofers LLP. They can inspect the area and determine if PVC is a suitable option for your situation. They can also help you determine the best accessories and personalizations for your roofing. If you have questions, you can ask during your inspection and consultation. 

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