Services You Should Consider To Bring Your Chimney Back To Life

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Services You Should Consider To Bring Your Chimney Back To Life

There are an increasing number of homeowners who are moving to the idea of wood-burning fireplaces. This is due to extreme weather conditions and power outages that can put you without electric heat for several days or longer. With a wood-burning fireplace, you have the ability to heat your home even in the harshest of cold weather conditions. There are several services you may want to consider as part of your wood-burning fireplace conversion. Here are a few that deal with the chimney specifically and getting it back to working order. 

Liner Cleaning 

Your chimney has a liner. This liner could be anything from clay tiles to metal. When you are preparing to make the switch from an electric or gas fireplace to a wood-burning option, your liner will need to be inspected. The roofing contractor will inspect the liner for damage. This damage may be cuts, missing areas, or issues that could lead to fireplace damage. If there is no damage, your roofing contractor can move to cleaning the liner. This will remove all debris, soot, and buildup from the liner. 

Brick Cleaning

Over time your chimney can begin to build up soot and other debris on the outside and inside of the bricks. This can give a dingy look to the chimney. It can also hide damage to the bricks and issues you may not be able to see at first glance. When you begin the process of switching to a wood-burning fireplace, consider having a brick cleaning on the interior and exterior of the chimney. This will help remove any debris and ensure there is no damage to the bricks or chimney structure. 

Dry Cleaning

The most common option for chimney cleaning is known as dry cleaning. This dry cleaning treatment offers a reduced or no mess option which is ideal for many homeowners. The technique uses a filtration system, brushes, and vacuums to loosen the soot and dust. The loosened dust and soot are sucked in through the vacuum and filtration system. They are moved to a holding tank, usually located on a nearby cleaning truck. 

Depending on the age and style of your fireplace and chimney, you may find that other services are required. The services mentioned here are some of the basic options that can ensure your chimney is in working order. When you are ready to move forward with these services, contact a chimney cleaning service. They can inspect your chimney and discuss your options.

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