4 Different Types Of Roofs For The Home

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4 Different Types Of Roofs For The Home

There must have been a time in the evolution of humans when the roofing came from green leaves and other rudimentary materials. However, as time goes by, many discoveries and advances in manufacturing have led to better roofing materials. Today, the roof type and style depends on the architecture of the building, location, and availability of roofing materials. Here are four different kinds of roofs present in the market and their application.

Green Roofs

People are embracing the latest technology in sustainability. Green roofs are a great option because they protect your house from weather damage while creating a sustainable ecosystem on your roof. Typically, the system comprises a waterproof material as an underlayment. The material has excellent drainage and supports moss and other plant growth on its surface. Green roofs are natural heat insulators, and they add oxygen back into the air. You can have a roof that acts as a plant garden for the small plants and creepers. 

Metallic Roofs

Metallic roofs are typical in commercial buildings and warehouses. With the advances in technology, these roofs have become commonplace. You will also get attractive metallic roofing, which works excellently for the home. The best thing about the metallic roof is its level of protection from termites and other wood-boring insects. You need a highly trained person to install the metallic roof for the best outcome. 

The Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are also known as composite roofs. They are the most popular roofing materials, especially in residential roofing. You will have an easy time installing, maintaining, and repairing shingle roofs. Also, they often come with a warranty spanning between one and two decades. Finally, they come in various colors, making it easy to match them to your specific exterior décor. 

The Clay Tile Roof

Clay tiles are another popular option among homeowners. They are most famous for mansions built in the Italian style. Also, the tiles have extreme resistance to fire, rain, mold, and decay from water damage. The tiles are incredibly fragile, and you cannot walk on them for repairs and inspections. Also, the tiles are heavy and need a sturdy support system to prevent the roof from buckling under their weight.

Choosing the suitable roofing material is crucial because it changes your home's appearance. Regardless of the roofing material, you decide to use, getting a professional for the installation is advisable. With their help, you get the best value for your money. Look for a local roofing company like Select Exteriors

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