5 Basic Steps For An EPDM Roof Restoration

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5 Basic Steps For An EPDM Roof Restoration

When it comes to flat roofing, EPDM roofing membranes are a durable and budget-conscious option. You can prolong the life of an aging EPDM roof by having it properly restored.

Step 1: Roof Cleaning

Roof restoration typically begins with a thorough cleaning to remove dirt, debris, and acidic bird droppings. This cleaning serves a couple of purposes. First, it ensures anything on the roof that could contribute to ongoing damages is removed. Roof restoration materials will also adhere better to a clean roof. Finally, it is much easier to spot damages that need to be addressed once the dirt is removed. 

Step 2: Priming

Damaged areas and seams must be treated with a special EPDM primer, which is painted over the top of the membrane. Priming ensures that patches and seam tapes will adhere properly to the old EPDM, otherwise they may detach and leaks will occur again in short order. The entire roof won't be primed during restoration, only those areas that require patching and taping.

Step 3: Patching and Taping

If any parts of the old EPDM are loose, they will first be adhered down to the sub roofing. Badly ragged pieces may be trimmed for better adhesion. Roofing tape is then applied over the top of the primed existing seams on the roof. Pieces of EPDM are cut to size so they can be used to patch over any punctures or weak spots in the old membrane. These patches are put in place with a roof adhesive, and then the edges are taped with seam tape to ensure there will be no leaks. 

Step 4: Roof Rolling

Full adhesion of all patches and tape is necessary or leaks will spring up again quite quickly. A weighted roller is typically used. As the roller is pushed across the roof, it pushes out any trapped air bubbles beneath the tape or patches. This ensures that the patching and sealing materials are in full contact with the material below, thus minimizing the chances of future leaks. 

Step 5: Final Coating

A final sealing coat is applied over the entire roof. Coating options vary, but most have a waterproof urethane base. You may want to choose a lighter-colored roof coating, as this will increase roof reflectivity which can aid in improving the building's energy efficiency. The roof coating is applied in an even coat and allowed to cure in place.

Contact a contractor to learn more about how EPDM roofing restoration can prolong the life of your roof. 

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