Here's Why You Should Consider Installing A Spanish Tile Roof

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Here's Why You Should Consider Installing A Spanish Tile Roof

Spanish tiles have a rich history that goes back for centuries. The Spaniards used these tiles to roof impressive structures like cathedrals and palaces. Today, Spanish tile roofing has become extremely popular with projects that require a dash of panache and an appealing outlook. Plus, the technological advancement and improvements directed towards these tiles have made them more durable. As a result, most homeowners prefer installing them on their properties. But that isn't all there is to Spanish-style roofs. Additional benefits of Spanish tile roofing are outlined below.

1.       Durability

Did you know that a Spanish tile roof can last you a lifetime? You may only need to install this type of roof once in your lifetime. The longevity of Spanish tiles stems from the fact that, first, they are weather resistant. Therefore, they perform considerably well even in areas prone to harsh weather patterns. Most manufacturers also offer you Spanish tiles that you can staple down with a nail gun, so they don't get blown away in violent winds. Couple that with the fact that Spanish tiles are heat and fire-resistant, and you get one of the best roofing materials.

2.       Low maintenance

One of the impressive qualities of Spanish tile roofing is it doesn't demand intensive maintenance or constant professional repairs. Therefore, although it is not the cheapest roofing option available today, in the long run, it's very cost-effective. Some of the maintenance practices you may need to keep your Spanish tile roof in tip-top shape include scheduling annual inspections, power washing to keep off excess algae growth, and fixing apparent minor issues. Other than that, this type of roof can last for 50-100 years, even with minimal maintenance.

3.       Eco-friendliness

Most roofing Spanish tiles are made from clay or terra cotta clay. Since clay is a naturally occurring material, it has unrivaled sustainability. That means Spanish tile manufacturers can use it extensively without risking depletion. Besides, clay is a recyclable resource that can be reused multiple times. Therefore, if you want to play your part in reducing the carbon footprint, start with installing a Spanish tile roof. Note that, no chemicals are used to make Spanish tiles. So, even disposing of them doesn't hurt the environment.

4.       Appealing outlook

Spanish tiles give your roof a terracotta, earth brown, rustic appearance that is astoundingly appealing. This outlook leads to an improved curb appeal. That is crucial, especially when you plan on selling your property. According to real estate experts, a new roof increases your home's value by $15,427. And that is just a general take. Therefore, when you opt for a new Spanish tile roof, its appeal is likely to lead to even better returns. 

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