Get These Roof Protection And Maintenance Tasks Done Before Winter

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Get These Roof Protection And Maintenance Tasks Done Before Winter

Your home's roof plays a vital role in keeping you and your possessions protected. Protecting and maintaining your roof minimizes the chances of you facing an emergency roof repair. There are a number of things that you can proactively do to ensure that you are covered. You should use a roofer as a resource for certain things pertaining to your roof. The following points identify seasonal things that should be done before winter arrives.

Observe Nearby Trees 

If you have one or more trees that have overhanging branches above your roof, the branches need to get trimmed before winter because of the risk of roof damage. Large limbs and branches can significantly damage roofs. Consider hiring a professional to trim your tree. If you do it yourself, you could accidentally harm the tree. The heavy branches and limbs might fall on the roof after you cut them due to you using improper trimming techniques.

Observe Your Roof from Ground Level

Do not attempt to climb on your roof to inspect it due to the dangers of falling off. A lot of damage is obvious from the ground at a distance. You will want to pay close attention to missing and loose shingles. Shingles must be firmly attached to protect roofs. You might also be able to see algae, moss, or mold growing on your roof. If the seams surrounding your roof look worn, it is wise to request to get them sealed by a roofer to reduce the chances of winter roof leaks occurring from melted snow and ice. 

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters need to be cleaned to ensure that proper drainage occurs. Clogged gutters will impede proper drainage. This can lead to water backing up and causing roof damage. The shingles on your roof may get soaked and not be able to provide protection. A potential consequence is a roof leak. Most roofers offer gutter cleaning services.

Get a Roof Inspection

You will want to contact a roofer for a professional roof inspection. They have the skills needed to identify obvious and hidden damages. Roofers are also trained to safely navigate rooftops. They can recommend roof repairs and perform them after the inspection.

Clean Roof if Needed

Your initial observation might have yielded signs of moss, algae, or mold. These substances need to get cleaned away to improve the likelihood of your roof reaching its estimated lifespan. Roofer services also include roof cleaning. Do not attempt to perform your own roof cleaning using methods like pressure washing. Incorrect pressure settings can damage shingles. 

Contact a residential roofing service for more information.  

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