Could Your Roof Be Due For Replacement? 3 Red Flags That Confirm It

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Could Your Roof Be Due For Replacement? 3 Red Flags That Confirm It

A well-installed roof can last for decades when properly maintained. Unfortunately, most people replace the roof before the roof's life is over. In most cases, roof replacement is unavoidable when installing a different roof type or when the roof damage is beyond repairs. If you notice that your roof is severely damaged, it's good to call a roofer to replace it. But how can you tell that your roof needs replacement? These three red flags confirm it.

Storm-Related Roof Damage

Ice storms and heavy rainstorms can affect various parts of your home, but the roof is the hardest hit. Tornados and hurricanes also wreak regrettable havoc to the roof. And although you may quickly think of a roof restoration process, it won't help much. Actually, restoring a storm-damaged roof to its initial condition is almost impossible. In this case, replacing the entire roof is a more sensible approach. Nonetheless, a roof inspection should be carried out before the replacement process starts to assess the magnitude of the damage.

Serious Shingle Problems

Shingles are a fundamental part of your roof, and they mainly serve as the gateway to the roof. And although they are designed to remain in superb shape for a long time, they can experience severe damage. However, you can't know when your shingles have issues if you don't inspect them often. The shingles on your roof can be curled or cracked. They could also be loose, discolored, mossy, or missing. Any of these signs show that roof replacement is a likely project. In this case, a roofer should inspect the shingles and other areas for roof damage signs and determine if replacement is the most appropriate option.

The Roofline Is Sagging

The roofline's shape can clearly indicate whether it's time for a new roof. Typically, rooflines should be strong and straight. But if the lines are curving or dipping, then you need to do something urgently. Of course, visible sagging is an obvious sign of a possible roof replacement process. But before the process begins, a roofer needs to identify why the line could be sagging. Usually, rooflines sag due to framing issues or when the roof deck is saturated with water. A sagging roofline could sometimes be accompanied by other roofing problems like leaks and shingle damage. But when you replace the roof immediately, you avoid a complete cave-in.

You shouldn't think of roof repairs every time your roof develops a problem. The repair process might be too expensive for you if the roof is severely damaged. So instead of spending money on repairs, install a new roof because it's more economical and safer.

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