Metal Roofing Vs. Asphalt Roofing: Which Is Best For You?

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Metal Roofing Vs. Asphalt Roofing: Which Is Best For You?

If you're considering new roofing for your house, your search has probably narrowed down to two popular roofing materials: metal or asphalt. Asphalt shingles are a commonly used roofing material that comes in different textures and colors to match the aesthetics of your home at a cost-friendly price.

On the other hand, metal roofing is popular because it offers a variety of visual options. It comes in different colors and shapes that can give your roof a new appealing look. While both options are ideal for residential roofing, you need to choose one that suits your needs best. Here is how the two compare on major factors.


Metal roofing costs more upfront compared to asphalt roofing. Although metal roofing is expensive, the durability it offers makes it a cheaper alternative in the long run. Besides, most home insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who use metal roofs. Metal roofs offer energy efficiency, which helps save costs on heating and cooling.

Asphalt shingles are cheaper to buy, but you might need to replace a few of them a few years down the line. They are less energy-efficient, and you might end up spending more on heating and cooling.


Metal roofs assure you of durability, despite harsh weather conditions. Their durability is backed by their 30-50 years roofing warranty, although most outlast the lifespan to as many as 70 years. 

On the other hand, asphalt has a shorter lifespan since fungus and algae can grow on the roofing under damp conditions. During the rainy season, the roof can get ice dams which cause cracks on your roof. Most asphalt shingles have a 15–30-year warranty.

Ease of installation

Asphalt roofing is easy to install, and it requires basic tools and minimal specialized skills. Installing asphalt roofing can take a day or two and can be installed over an existing layer of shingles. In contrast, metal roofing needs more skill to put up. It needs precision, and thus it may take longer to install than asphalt. 

Environmental Consideration

Metal roofs are more sustainable and eco-friendly than asphalt since they're often made from recycled material, which can be recycled time and time again. Additionally, they're more energy-efficient and help block heat transmission in the house. Some metal roofs have specialized cost paint, which further enhances their energy efficiency. 

Asphalt roofing needs frequent replacement, and they aren't recyclable. It's estimated that 11 million pounds of asphalt shingles end up in landfills every year; thus, posing a threat to the environment.

Final Verdict

Metal roofing is durable and environmentally friendly. Despite the high initial cost, it doesn't need frequent replacement and its energy-efficient features can help save on energy costs. Thus, metal roofing is a better choice for your home. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a roofing service, such as Volpe Roofing, near you.

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