Things to Know About Your Commercial Roof

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Things to Know About Your Commercial Roof

You do not want to make the costly mistake of letting your commercial roof get in bad shape while you ignore the signs it may need to be replaced. Continue reading this guide on commercial roofs so you can put yourself in a better position of keeping yours in proper shape to keep your business, your staff, and your customers safe. 

The dangers of neglecting a commercial roof long-term

When your commercial roof is neglected too long, you have to worry about all kinds of problems, some of them being very serious and even hazardous. At first, you may end up with leaks and even if they are small and can be contained with a bucket or ignored due to their convenient location, there can still be serious repercussions. 

While you may only be seeing a small puddle of water, the real damage occurring may be out of sight, but that doesn't make it any less serious. Parts of the building may be experiencing water damage. There can even be serious electrical problems that end up happening that put everyone in the building in danger. Mold can even be growing, and mold is very toxic for those in the building to be breathing. 

Eventually, things can get so bad if roofing issues have been ignored for a good period of time, for example, the roof can end up collapsing, creating a very serious danger to everyone who is in the building when this happens. 

The signs a commercial roof may need to be replaced

The signs that you want to watch for in order to know you may have serious issues that need repairing, or possibly even full-roof replacement, can depend on the type of roof you have. 

If you have a shingle roof, then you want to watch for signs of missing shingles that can come in the form of both seeing spots where there are shingles missing, or finding shingles lying on the ground around the building. It's more common to find shingles that have blown off after strong winds have come through the area. Also, finding granules in the rain gutters or along the sides of the building can indicate it is time for a new roof. Bubbled, cracked, split, or curling shingles also mean it's time to have the roof repaired or replaced. 

If you have a metal roof, then some signs that indicate the need for roof repairing or replacement can include seeing tears in the roof's surface or seeing areas of corrosion. Also, pay attention to the flashing because damage to the flashing needs to be taken care of. It can also mean there are damages to other parts of the roof. Some other signs of serious roof concerns include bent or warped areas, as well as loose sheets.

For more information, contact a commercial roof replacement service, such as Tectum Roofing, near you to learn more.

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