Roof Damage Causes

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Roof Damage Causes

All roofing work needs to be examined a few times a year. The longevity of your roof is proportional to your consistency in cleaning and repairing. Your roof will most likely suffer damages for one of these reasons, which is why you need to keep a close eye on your roof.


High winds and hail storms will ruin your roof. In places where the frequency of hurricanes is high, and the heat is sometimes also intense, roofing repairs will be necessary. Winter weather is also quite damaging to your roof. Winter will freeze shingles, and during hot weather, they expand. The result of this expansion and contraction is heavy breakage and eventual leaking of the roof. Hailstones and hurricanes are the most devastating as they tear shingles off the roof and cause serious accidents.

Poor Installation

Shoddy work on the roof can sometimes be very costly to you and your family. You would require roof repairs if you roofed over old shingles. If no underlayment was used, you would need to have the roof done afresh.

Inferior roof sealants can also necessitate roof repairs. If the shingles were not fastened or the overlap was poorly done, repairs will be required. These and other shortcuts end up being more costly than not. It is for this reason that do-it-yourself work on the roof is greatly discouraged.

Lack of Repair Work

Your roof, like any other part of your home, will need repairs once in a while. Checking on your roof does not need to be prompted by leaking or creaking. Make it a habit to schedule yearly repairs and maintenance to avoid shocking discoveries.

Gutters are part of the roof that is sorely mistreated. Gutters need to be kept clean by regular sweeping and removing leaves and other dirt accumulated therein. When gutters are left to weigh heavy with leaf and accumulated dirt, they cause strain on the roof and eventually spoil the support. Once they collapse, it means you will have to replace the rotten parts of the support and get new gutters.

No matter how cool you think your roof is, don't make it a habit to hang out on it. You should only access your roof while maybe cleaning gutters or letting contractors inspect it for repair work. Foot traffic on the roof, before and after repairs, causes strain on the shingles which can lead to further breakage.

Repairs contribute to a healthy roof. If you constantly work on repairs and maintenance on your roof, it will never get you by surprise. Avoid doing it yourself and get residential roofing repair professionals.

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