Two Alternatives to Real Slate Tile Roofing

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Two Alternatives to Real Slate Tile Roofing

If you love the look of slate roofing, but you don't want to spend the money to buy real slate, or if your home can't support the weight of real slate, then you can look into a couple of alternatives: metal and composite faux slate roofing. While these aren't real slate, they have a similar appearance, and they have some added benefits that make metal and composite shingles worth careful consideration. Here are some things to know about faux slate roofing.

Metal Slate Roofing Is Lightweight And Durable

An advantage of metal slate roofing is that it is much lighter than real slate and other types of roofing materials. The panels are designed to look like slate tiles so you can enjoy the beauty of a slate roof, but the panels have the durability of metal.

Slate tiles can last for decades, but they have a tendency to chip and crack. Your roof won't have this problem with metal faux slate. Metal is a durable material that doesn't chip, rot, or crack. Plus, the metal panels are treated to resist rust, fading, and algae growth.

Composite Slate Tiles Are Tough And Durable

Another option when you want a roof that looks like slate is composite roofing. Composite slate comes in a few colors that you might want to blend together to create a natural look for your roof. Plus, texture is added to the roofing so it looks like real quarried slate tiles. An advantage of composite tiles is that they are easy to work with. The roofer can walk on composite slate without the worry of breaking and chipping the tiles as can happen with real slate.

Also, composite tiles are easier to install. The tiles are installed with nails, and they can be easily cut with a utility knife. They're lightweight too so they're easy to handle. Ease of installation keeps costs as low as possible. Real slate is challenging to worth with since it is easy to crack when installing it.

Composite tiles have high ratings for fire resistance and impacts. Composite tiles could be a good choice if you're looking for luxury roof materials that are also lightweight and durable.

Choosing between the metal and composite alternative slate tiles for your new roof might be difficult, but you can talk to your roofer about the right choice to make depending on your budget, climate, slope of your roof, and other considerations your roofer may have. Faux slate roofing can give your home improved curb appeal without busting your wallet as real slate can do because of its cost. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a roofing service near you.

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