A Guide to Adding Details and Architectural Shingles to Your Roof Project

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A Guide to Adding Details and Architectural Shingles to Your Roof Project

When you start a roofing project, you are going to be looking at options to improve your roof. Some of these options can include adding details and using architectural shingles. You probably want to work closely with your roofing contractor to get the look you want for these improvements to your home. The following guide can be used to work with your roofing contractor to give your home an attractive new design:

Add Roof Details

Start your project by considering the different options for details. These details can include changes to the structure and using different roofing materials in separate areas of the roof body. After consulting with a professional—decide what details will require physical changes to your existing structure. There might be extra material and labor costs that you need to be accounted for when estimating and setting a budget for your project.

Architectural Shingle Sizes

When choosing roofing shingles, it is important to consider square footage, weight, and style options. The size of the shingles is also important. Modern architectural shingles come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. A roofing contractor must consider all of these factors when determining the appropriate shingle size for your project. Sometimes, you may decide that a particular shingle will fit perfectly on your roof; however, it may not be optimal for all structural needs.

Shingle Installation Techniques

There are many benefits to using roofing contractors who have experience installing shingles. The materials used, the way the shingles are installed, and even the precise way they are laid can impact how well the roof functions. That is why it is important to understand all of these details when choosing a company that specializes in roofing. When the roofer installs the shingles, different techniques can be used. Options like weaved valleys and other installation details will enhance the appearance of your roof.

Additional Roof Improvements

You might want to invest in additional improvements to your roof. These can include things like ridge vents that match the shingles or exposed metal flashing that enhances the appearance of rooflines. There are also other improvements and details that you may want o to add to your project, such as installing a prefabricated cupola or adding seamless gutters to the eaves. You can also invest in other improvements like underlayments that reduce wear and protect your home from roof leaks.

If you want to add attractive details and architectural shingles to your roof, contact a professional roofing contractor to help with your project.

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