5 Reasons to Waterproof Your Commercial Flat Roof

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5 Reasons to Waterproof Your Commercial Flat Roof

A waterproof membrane or coating can be applied to an existing flat roof. The best time to apply the waterproofing is before a leak forms, and the second-best time is right after having a leak fixed. There are many benefits realized when you have a preventative waterproof membrane or coating applied to your roof.

1. Increase Roof Lifespan

The main reason to consider waterproofing is that it can extend the working life of the current roof structure. With fewer chances of leaks comes less maintenance and less need for full replacements. Not only does an increased roof lifespan save the headache of a new roof installation, but it also saves you money in the long run.

2. Protect the Roof Structures

The expensive and time-consuming part of the roof to repair or replace is not the outer membrane where water damage begins, but the roof structures beneath. The underlayment, decking, and insulation structures in the roof take the brunt of the damage when even a small leak occurs. Applying an additional layer of waterproofing to the outer roof membrane makes the roof nearly impervious to possible leaks, thus preventing damages to the main roof structures.

3. Avoid Internal Damages

Damage can extend beyond the main roof structure. Often, small leaks can go unnoticed for weeks or even years. By the time you realize something is wrong, water damage may have compromised wall boards, insulation, and even equipment and products within the building. Mold can also now be an issue, which will mean you need to both repair the damage and mitigate the mold. Waterproofing is an inexpensive preventative option when compared to internal building water damages.

4. Minimize Ongoing Maintenance

No flat roof will ever be completely maintenance-free, but applying a waterproofing coating or membrane to a roof before the first leak occurs can greatly work to reduce maintenance needs. The coating helps stop issues like seam failure and pinprick holes, that would otherwise require constant monitoring and minor repairs. Fewer maintenance calls mean fewer maintenance costs overall.

5. Enjoy Some Side Benefits

There are a couple of side benefits to enjoy depending on the waterproofing style you choose. Some have additional components in the coating that help protect against UV light or acid damage from pollution, for example. A waterproofing membrane not only protects against leaks but also provides a facelift to a stained older roof so it looks nice again.

Contact a commercial roofing company if you are ready to waterproof your existing roof.

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