How To Know You Need Roof Repairs Or Roof Replacement

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How To Know You Need Roof Repairs Or Roof Replacement

You want to recognize issues going on with the roof that can indicate that it may need to be replaced. In some cases, a roofer may find that certain issues can instead be repaired and the rest of the roof is in good enough shape that it is worth just repairing it. However, if the roof is old, the damage is serious enough, or there is also other damage, then replacement will likely be the better route for you to go. Here are some signs that may indicate that you need a new roof: 

Your ceiling is sagging

If you see that your ceiling is sagging, then this can indicate that there is a leak causing a lot of moisture in your ceiling. These sagging areas are also going to be very soft. You can even poke a hole in the sagging area by barely touching it with an object. When you notice any signs of your ceiling beginning to sag, you need to get a roofer to come out right away. 

You see discoloration on the ceiling

You may not see sagging in your ceiling, but there may be discoloration. This discoloration can look like stains or it may appear as dark streaks. No matter what the discoloration looks like, it more than likely means that you have at least one leak in the roof. A roofer will need to come out right away to survey the damage and let you know whether you should have the roof repaired or replaced. 

Light is coming through your roof boards

If you are able to see light coming through the roof boards when you are up in your attic or anywhere else in the house where the roof boards are visible, then this likely indicates that you have damaged or missing shingles. A roofer needs to come out to see whether the roof can be saved by replacing the shingles, or if there is extensive damage to the roof and you would do best by having them replace the entire roof. 

There can be a lot of other signs that let you know you need a roofer. The best thing to do is to always make the call when you see anything that you find worrisome going on with your roof. This way, you can rest assured that you know what is going on with it and that it is, or will soon be, in good shape. Check out this site or similar sites for more information. 

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