Upgrading Your Home By Replacing The Roof

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Upgrading Your Home By Replacing The Roof

A roof that has suffered extensive damage will likely need to be fully replaced in order to keep it effectively protecting your house. While replacing the roof of a home is a common type of work that will need to be done, you can struggle with making decisions about this process without a few important facts.

Avoid Assuming That Only Storm Damage Can Lead To A Roof Replacement

A person that is new to owning a home can be under the impression that strong storm damage will likely be the only reason that they will need to have their roof replaced. However, the reality is that there are many different causes of damage that can be significant enough to require a roof replacement. An unexpected source of this damage can be due to termites that are able to cause extensive damage to any wooden components of the roof. Unfortunately, this is a problem that can go unnoticed for months or years before you realize that there is a problem and significant damage has occurred.

Protect Your Plants

If you have plants along the perimeter of your house, you will want to protect them when the roof replacement is occurring. Otherwise, there can be a chance of falling debris that could damage the plants in a way that may take them a long time to recover from. Luckily, it is not difficult to protect the plants during this work as you will find that draping a tarp over them can be an option that will be able to limit the majority of the damage that can occur to them from falling debris.

Consider Upgrading The Drainage System 

The gutter and drainage system for your roof can be a critical component for preventing it from experiencing various types of water damage. During the course of replacing the roof, you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade these components of the house. In particular, you can install a new gutter system that will be able to more effectively direct water off the roof and away from the home. Additionally, there are drainage upgrades that you can make to your roof as well. One of the more common can be adding an incline to the roof so that any water that lands on it will run into the gutter system. Without this upgrade, there may be large puddles of water that collect on the roof following rain.

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