Learn Why Your Roof Flashing Is Damaged And Why Immediate Repairs Are Critical

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Learn Why Your Roof Flashing Is Damaged And Why Immediate Repairs Are Critical

Flashing is a crucial part of the whole roofing infrastructure. Typically, the roofing contractor installs it before laying the asphalt shingles, tiles, or other roofing materials. It protects the inner layers of the roof from damage and makes your home less prone to heat loss. However, as the roof ages, your flashing will also get older and start showing signs of physical problems. Here are some of the common reasons why flashing gets damaged and why a roofer should conduct roofing repairs.

Extreme Changes In Temperature

Your flashing might get damaged when your locality experiences extreme fluctuations in temperature. Temperature changes often lead to the roof contracting and expanding more than it does under moderate conditions. When the expansion happens, the flashing pulls away from the roofing. When it cools down and the roof contracts, the flashing becomes ineffective. 

If you live in areas where the summer heat gets extreme and the winters are biting cold, consider checking the flashing regularly. Proper maintenance and timely inspections will help prevent roof damages. And in case the parts of the flashing are already damaged, ensure you get a certified roofing contractor for proper repairs.

Poor Flashing Installation

Poor installation is another reason why your flashing might get damaged before its expected lifespan. In fact, even other roof components like the gutters will be affected when the flashing is poorly installed. And when the gutters are not functioning well, they will retain water and debris, which will cause the flashing to rust faster than it should. 

Rust usually compromises the entire roof's integrity. If you do not repair or replace the damaged parts of the flashing, you might end up with a leaking roof and other issues. It is best to let a seasoned roofer assess the damage that might have resulted from poor flashing installation. They will also assist with the repairs and save your home from water damage and other issues.

Poor Roofing Plans

Another reason why flashing often gets damaged is poor roofing plans. It is the role of the roofing contractor to get the right plan for the roof infrastructure of your home. If they use an inadequate plan, components of the roof will start falling apart. The flashing might be affected the most because it joins the roof material to the other parts.

Call a roof repair contractor to check if the roof's flashing is in good condition and repair it if it has developed problems. They will help you assess the level of the damage and repair it in good time. Once the flashing is professionally repaired, you will enjoy a safe and functional roof over your head again! 

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