Time For Flat Roof Replacement? Here Are 3 Signs To Look Out For

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Time For Flat Roof Replacement? Here Are 3 Signs To Look Out For

Flat roofs are more common today because of their general affordability and energy efficiency. You can turn your roof into a beautiful garden or install a roof deck. To enjoy the benefits, the roof requires regular inspection. While some minor damage is easy to repair, there are defects that necessitate a flat roof replacement.

Here, you will learn more about signs that determine if you need a roof replacement for your flat roof.

1. Extensive Water Pooling

The unique flat shape of the roof makes efficient drainage essential for protection. If you notice extensive water pools on the deck, consult an experienced flat roof replacement contractor for a professional roof inspection. Water pools can cause leaks and damage to the underlying roof layers. In fact, multiple water pools are a sign that you need a roof replacement.

2. Moisture Leaks

A good roof protects your home against the elements. With age and weather exposure, some places might allow water to seep through. Water leaks cause further damage to the underlying roof layers. In addition, moisture can also lead to mold and fungal growth. Mold in indoor spaces affects indoor air quality and causes respiratory complications. When you notice signs of water leaks on your roof, consider a flat roof replacement.

3. Defects in Roof Material

A good roof withstands extreme weather throughout the year. Flat roof materials are durable and strong enough to withstand weather elements. However, with age and extreme weather incidents, defects can develop. 

For example, tears, punctures, and large rips on the roof make it vulnerable to further damage. When such tears occur on the seams in the roofing, the roof system requires immediate replacement to continue protecting your home. Any signs of cracking, dry-rotting, or tears on the seams indicate your roof has come to the end of its life.

Other defects that point to the need for roof replacement are bubbling and blistering, which results from adhesion failure. When the bubbles fill with trapped air or water, a blister develops and affects the roof's integrity and aesthetic. A flat roof replacement contractor will check the state of the installation to determine if simple repairs can do or if the roof needs a complete overhaul.

A flat roof is a great alternative to a sloping roof if you want a unique but affordable option. To get the best out of the roof, keep checking it for any damage. A flat roof replacement gives your home more protection against the elements.

If you notice the above signs, find a roofing company. They can provide more information regarding flat roof replacement

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