Concrete Tile Roofing Guide To Help With Installing Heavy Materials On Wood Structures

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Concrete Tile Roofing Guide To Help With Installing Heavy Materials On Wood Structures

There are a lot of different types of roofing materials that can be installed on your home, but some are heavier than others. Materials like concrete roof tiles require some special considerations before they can be installed. The following information will help with the installation of concrete roof tiles on wood structures:

Start with Rafters and Roof Bracing

The rafters are the first area of a wood structure that needs to be upgraded for concrete tiles. There are options to install wider rafters or use more roof bracing purlins. The purlins are the horizontal pieces that support the rafters or roofing materials. They can be doubled, or engineered beams can be used to provide the extra support needed for tile roofing. The braces that support the purlins should also be heavier timber.

Support Bracing Through Structural Framing

The bracing of your roof needs to have the most support. This is where are a lot of structural failures happen with heavy roofing materials. The framing needs to have the right posts in walls and columns in open areas to support the weight of concrete tile materials. The framing may also need metal brackets and straps to help fasten these structural components and prevent movement. Anywhere there is a point load that supports the rafts, the wood framing down to the basement needs to have a supporting post.

Add Beams to Support Roof Loads

The beams are an important improvement that may need to be done to support roof loads. Anywhere the supporting posts can't be continued through wall framing will need to have a beam installed. These can be beams installed in the attic in floor joists or other areas. The beams will support the structural loads where other solutions aren't possible. The point loads of these beams will need to be supported like the roof bracing.  

Install Foundation Beams to Support Roof Loads

The foundation is the last area where you need to address issues with structural loads. This is an area where heavier footing beams are needed to support the loads that have been carried down from the roof. These needed to be deeper footings with extra steel reinforcement to ensure your roof loads have the support they need down to the foundation of your home.

The installation of concrete tiles requires some special improvements to support the extra weight. Contact a concrete tile roofing service to get the help you need when planning a tile roof installation for your home.

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