5 Signs Of A Leaking Roof Vent

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5 Signs Of A Leaking Roof Vent

Multiple vents stick up through a roof. Most are attached to the plumbing system or part of the home's ventilation system. Vents are prone to rooftop leaks, though, so it's important to know the signs of trouble.

1. Cracked Rubber

Most vents are sealed to the roof with a black rubber boot. The rubber fits tightly around the bottom of the vent pipe. It then has a flange that is installed within the shingled roof to create a waterproof seal. Over time, the rubber can degrade due to weathering, age, and UV exposure. If the rubber looks cracked, badly discolored, or distorted, then it may be failing. Fortunately, you can have vent boots repaired without any need to replace the roof.

2. Curled Shingles

A leak around a vent can lead to some very targeted damage. The roof as a whole may look fine, but the shingles surrounding the vent may curl and cup due to absorbing moisture. This happens when the boot fails and allows water to leak beneath the shingles. Water exposure to the underside of the shingles leads to curling, which then allows more water to leak under the shingles. The damaged boot and shingles must be replaced.

3. Ceiling Damage

Water stains inside the home are a normal roof leak symptom. If the water stains are around a bathroom vent or in a similar spot below a rooftop vent pipe, then the cause could be a leak around the vent boot. A roof inspection will be necessary to confirm that it is the boot seal that is the culprit.

4. Sagging Roof Plane

Your roof should be level, even around a rooftop vent stack. If the roof seems to sag or dip down around a vent stack, then water damage could be affecting the decking board. Water that seeps beneath shingles must eventually soak into the roof decking. The water damage to the decking can cause it to weaken and sag around the wettest area around the vent. Replacement of the damaged decking, shingles, and vent boot will be necessary.

5. Peeling Flashing

Some vents don't have a rubber boot. Instead, they are sealed with a piece of metal flashing. Much like boots, flashing may not last the life of the roof. Hail can damage flashing, while age can lead it to lift or peel up. If the flashing isn't laying flush or if it looks warped, then it's time to replace it before a leak occurs.

Contact a residential roofing contractor if you think there may be a vent leak on your roof.

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