The Roof Installation Walk-Through To Understand Work Involved In A Replacement

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The Roof Installation Walk-Through To Understand Work Involved In A Replacement

If you are going to be replacing your roof, you want to know what work is involved in your roof installation. There will usually be more work involved in a replacement because the old roofing is going to need to be removed. The following roof installation guide will walk you through the process of replacing a shingle roof.

Removal vs. Roof-Over

The roof installation project needs to start by deciding on the best replacement solution for your home. There are two basic options, and each of them varies. The first and best option is to completely tear off the old shingles. Another type of roof replacement that you may want to consider for your home is a roof-over. The roof-over is good to leave existing materials in place and might be the right solution for replacing materials.

Repairs and Decking Improvements

Decking is the next area you want to consider when planning a roof installation. When the old shingles have been removed, you should look for areas of the decking with visible signs of damage. Patch any minor issues where there is water damage to the roof decking. If there is damage to the wood framing like rafters, repair them when the decking repairs are being done. You may want to talk to your roof installer about options to make changes to the structure for appearance and design.

Moisture Barriers and Roof Vent Features

The moisture barrier is another important component of your roof installation. You may want to install a synthetic roof barrier and reinforce areas with flashing. In addition, there are other features like roof vents that will need to be in place before the shingles can be installed. If you want to add features like skylights or roof structure features, these things need to be done at this stage in the roof installation.

Asphalt Shingles for Roof Installation

There are several options for shingles that can be installed on your home. When installing a new shingle roof, you want to find the most durable roofing materials. Today, there are options like 3D shingles, which give your roof a more attractive profile and usually have a longer lifetime guarantee. These materials will also be more resistant to damage due to high winds and severe weather.

The replacement of your asphalt shingles will involve a lot of work. Contact a roof installation service to talk to them about the available options to replace your roofing.

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