The Shingle Installation Guide For An Efficient And Durable New Roof

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The Shingle Installation Guide For An Efficient And Durable New Roof

There is eventually going to be a time when you need to have a new roof installed. There are many options for the types of shingles that can be installed. You also have choices to make for improvements and changes that will make your roof more durable. The following shingle installation guide will ensure you have a durable and efficient new roof:

Decking Repairs

The decking may be one of the areas where you want to start with improvements. First, the surface is going to need to be inspected after the old shingles have been removed. If there are any problems like water damage, these materials will need to be replaced. There are also options for overlaying the decking with a thin layer of energy-efficient sheathing. This will improve the durability of the roof and the efficiency of your home.

Structural Improvements

There may also be structural improvements that need to be done. This starts with the repairs that need to be done to decking but includes other improvements. You may want to make changes to reduce shingle wear or add to roof bracing to support roof loads of the new asphalt shingles. Talk to your roofer about the areas where you want to invest in improvements to the roof structure.

Upgraded Underlayments

In addition to the decking, the moisture barrier underlayment is another area to consider improvements. The upgrades to underlayments can include installing an air barrier material. These are asphalt felt paper alternatives that protect the decking from condensation that can form beneath shingles. They also prevent air leaks and provide better protection from leaks. In addition, they can also improve the energy efficiency of your roof. You may also want to invest in reinforcement for areas with flashing and ice barrier systems for the eaves.

Premium Asphalt Shingles

The type of asphalt shingles you have installed is another important choice. If you want to have a more durable and energy-efficient roof, it is a good idea to invest in premium shingles. When you are looking at shingles, pay attention to their wind-resistance rating and the lifetime guarantee. Shingles with a longer guarantee are often more durable. Many new roofs have 3D or architectural shingles installed because of their durability and appearance.

The installation of new shingles can be an opportunity to improve your home with durable features that reduce upkeep costs. Contact a local roofing service for more information about shingle roof installation.

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