Factors That Affect the Cost of Your New Residential Roof

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Factors That Affect the Cost of Your New Residential Roof

How much will it cost to get a new roof? It's one of the most common questions that roofing contractors hear from prospective clients. Unfortunately, it's not a question that can be answered right off the bat. 

If you're contemplating putting a new roof on your house, you'll need to ask a residential roofer to visit your home and provide a cost estimate for your job. Most reputable roofers should do this at no cost and with zero obligation.

The main reason roofers need to come to your home before quoting for your roof is because everyone's home is different and the variables involved in determining how much a new roof will cost are many. Highlighted below are some of the factors they consider when quoting clients.

1. The Roofing Material You Choose

Although asphalt shingles and metal are the most common materials for new roofs, the comprehensive list of roofing material options is quite long. Each roofing material has specific properties, pros, and cons that should be considered in determining the right roof for your home. Since different roofing materials are sold at different prices, the roofing material that you choose is going to affect the cost of your new roof.

2. Your Home's Roof Size

The size of your roof can directly impact the cost of your new roof. To calculate your roof's true size:

  • Multiply the length of each room by its width to get the area
  • Sum up the areas of all rooms to get the total area of the house
  • Multiply the total area of the house by the roof's pitch to get the true area of the roof

The more surface area to be covered, the more roofing materials you'll require and the more costly your new roof will be.

3. The Location of Your Home

The location of your home relative to your preferred roofer's location will also impact the cost of your new roof. The farther you are from them, the more it will cost to deliver roofing supplies to you. It's always a good idea to choose a roofer that's located close to your home to minimize travel time and keep transportation costs down.

The cost of a new roof may vary widely among homeowners. To get an accurate estimate of how much your job will cost, don't hesitate to get in touch with a local residential roofing contractor near you.

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